About Mr Brewin



Mr Brewin graduated from the University of Nottingham Medical School in 2001 before completing his post-graduate urology training in London and Kent with posts at Kings College Hospital, Guy’s Hospital and Brighton. During his training he completed a urology MSc and was awarded the Geoffrey Chisholm medal for outstanding performance. He undertook sub-specialist training in in stone surgery at Guy’s hospital.

He was appointed as a consultant urological surgeon at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust in 2014. As a general urologist he treats a wide range of urological problems including prostate cancer, urological infections, blood in the urine, foreskin problems and erectile dysfunction.

Mr Brewin specialises in the management of kidney stones and male urinary symptoms. In 2014 he established laser prostate surgery (HoLEP) at Salisbury District Hospital, the first hospital in the Wessex region to offer this surgery. He has now performed this operation for over 50 patients.


Current NHS consultant post
Consultant Urological Surgeon, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust


Private Practice
Based at New Hall Hospital and Odstock Private Care (Salisbury District Hospital). For contact details click here.


Service Improvement Award, Salisbury Hospital (2016)
Second Prize South Thames Urology Meeting (2014)
BJUI Prize for best presentation. SURG Meeting, Brighton (2012)
Silver Medal International Urology Simulation Olympics, Beijing (2012)
Second Prize South Thames Urology Meeting (2010)
Geoffrey Chisholm Gold Medal, Urology MSc (2009)
Poster highlighted at the World congress of Endourology (2008)
Medical School:
John Moir Prize – Best performance in medicine (2001)
SmithKline and Beecham Prize in Clinical Epidemiology (2001)
Distinction in Paediatrics (2000)


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